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on Fri Jul 13, 2018 6:43 pm
Hey every just a little thread for everyone to start some introduction posts guess ill start off lmao

ahh im 26 male from new Zealand and i enjoy anything with computers tbh, mainly rsps like dabbling in making my own server unique but due an old friend screwing me over i now left that in the past just seeking looking for something different among-st the rsps competition,

well my aim at the moment is to pretty much get familiar with each custom item stats etc so if som30ne does happen to ask whats best im able to answer their question lol
then move on the obtaining least one of every unique item in the game ! keep an eye out for some guides ill me making over the duration im here so enjoy and please tell your friends its a great server with potential ! dont just look past as u read this give it a try ! if you read this to the end your mvp ! now look back for the random number tell the number in game when you reach maxed 120 in att str def to be rewarded =)
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